Irish Heritage


As we celebrate Halloween with Jack O'Lanterns and trick or treating

always remeber our Irish roots of a pagan time long ago.

Remember that we no longer celebrate Samhain the ancient Goddess of darkness.

Wev now know that she does not bring the true light into out lives but Christ does.

Christ will always bring light to our lives.

Celebrate our Catholic Heritage in Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Pray for our departed Brothers and Sisters, that they may rest  in Christ. 

Roman Catholic Obligation

In the Roman Catholic Church, All Saints' Day is a Holy Day of Obligation in many (but not all) countries,

meaning going to Mass on the date is required unless one has a good reason to be excused from that

obligation, such as illness. However, in a number of countries that do list All Saints' Day as a Holy Day of

Obligation, including England & Wales, the solemnity of All Saints' Day is transferred to the adjacent Sunday

if 1 November falls on a Monday or a Saturday, while in the same circumstances in the United States the

Solemnity is still celebrated on November 1 but the obligation to attend Mass is abrogated