Irish Language Lessons

This new addition to our web site will keep us in touch
with our Irish Heritage thru the language of our ancestors.
So Ladies We start with a Prayer in Honor of St Brigid.
A Bhríd, a Mhuire na nGael
Pronunciation: a vreed, a virra na nail
Translation: Brid, Mary of the Gael
A Bhríd, a Mhuire na nGael
Pronunciation:  a vreed, a virra na nail
Translation:  Brid, Mary of the Gael.
A Bhríd, scaoil tharam do bhrat
Pronunciation: a vreed , shkeel har-um duh vrot
Translation: cover me in your cloak
Agus coinnigh faoi do chumhdach mé
Pronunciation:  ogg-us kwin-ig fwee duh coov-duck may
Translation: and protect me
Go mbeidh mé leat i bhflaitheas Dé
Pronunciation: guh meg may lat ih vlaw-hus day
Translation: until I am with you in God's heaven.
The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians in California
Wishes to Thank Melanie O'Keefe from Division one
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Go raibh maith agat: Thank you.