LAOH Calif

Easter Rising Commemoration: See Orange County


 May the Blessings of St. Brigid be upon you.

We are a Sisterhood of Irish and Irish-American Catholic Women.
We were founded in 1894 as the Daughters of Erin,
which later became the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc.
Our Motto is Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.
We are pledged to God and Country.
                 The primary purpose of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians was to protect
young immigrant Irish girls coming to the U.S., to assist them in securing employment,
to give them the opportunity to be with their own kind and to keep them from becoming
homesick and discouraged.
We continue today to focus on fostering and sustaining loyalty
to the Roman Catholic Church,
and to the United States of America among our members.
To aid and advance by all legitimate means the aspiration and endeavors
of the Irish people for complete and absolute independence,
to foster the ideals and perpetuate the history and traditions of the
Irish people and to promote Irish culture.
Our Patron Saint is St. Brigid of Ireland.
The LAOH has divisions throughout the country;
here in California we have divisions in San Francisco,
Sonoma, Orange County and San Diego. 

          We welcome all women who are practicing Roman Catholics and who are Irish by birth
or descent,or who are the wife of a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians,
or the mother of a junior member.
If you wish to become a member please contact us LAOHPEGGY@AOL.COM